About Us

fullsizer-12.jpg I grew up making chocolate and have always loved it. We began going to Honduras on medical missions and fell in love with the people. The people work hard but still suffer from hunger and severe poverty.

One thing we noticed is the quality of coffee there is far better than anything we had at home. They simply don't have a way to sell it without losing all the profit along the way. We wanted to find a way to support the people we serve there by selling the coffee. We have always loved coffee but didn't, at that time, know a lot about it. They took us to the fields where it was all being picked by hand. We were able to see it drying and then on to the roasting. One thing I knew I could do was make chocolate. As we began praying about the mission trips and how to fund them and bring income back to these hard working people, the idea for Poppy's was formed.

 Our goal is to support our Honduran friends by selling the coffee, but also to eventually fund our medical trips and support the ministry that runs the feeding stations in Lempira, God's Little One's.